Ukraine’s Successful Future – the results of the project now in English

Ukraine’s Successful Future – the results of the project now in English


In March 2021 Lviv Security Forum jointly with Kyiv School of Economics and Hanns Seidel Foundation in Kyiv hold the exercise “Successful Ukraine – modeling solutions for the future”, which involved 36 successful young Ukrainians, representatives of public service, local government, military, business, civil society and education.

The exercise resulted in report which can be downloaded in English here:

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Full text in Ukrainian has been published here:

Молоді успішні українці сформулювали, якою вони бачать успішну Україну


What are the key findings of the exercise? What does Ukriane need to build successful future?

  • Fair rules of the game

Young Ukrainians note that the oligarchic system is a key obstacle to the country’s development today, so it is urgent to create alliances to counter the oligarchs’ monopoly on resources and ensure fair rules of the game for all.

  • Role of business and local communities

The participants believe that small and medium-sized businesses,together with powerful local communities, which received significant powers through decentralization reforms can toss a challenge  to existing oligarchic system in Ukraine.

A new social contract cannot be reached without political representation of these forces.

  • Responsible society

Education and promotion of joint responsibility for the country and property can help to build in Ukriane the society of responsible owners.

It is not a shame to be rich when money is earned honestly”

  • Pragmatism in foreign policy

With regard to foreign policy, the participants stressed the need for a pragmatic approach to international relations and the enhancement of an equal and equivalent partnership with other countries, especially the Baltic and Black Sea countries, which also face the threat of Russian invasion.